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Finaly is here a public rls of bsnes with a lot of improvements and a debugger bulid. enjoy pals! :thumb:

This is a maintenance release, but it offers a lot of bug-fixes and speed-ups, so it should be well worth the update. The debugger is not finished yet, so use it at your own risk. It is disabled in the binary release because breakpoint testing impacts performance. Once it is ready, I will release a separate binary with the debugger enabled.
  • Optimized S-PPU emulation, provides a ~10-15% speedup in normal games
  • Cleaned up cheat editor user interface
  • Added save state and export data path selections
  • Added workaround for a strange issue that caused PAL games to run at 60 fps sometimes
  • Fixed sprite caching issue; fixes SD F-1 Grand Prix
  • Fixed PPUcounter reset issue; fixes Bishoujo Janshi Suchie-Pai [Jonas Quinn]
  • Fixed scaling on scanline, Scale2x, LQ2x and HQ2x on hires and interlace screens
  • Fixed sizeof(bool) serialization issue for PowerPC architecture [Richard Bannister]
  • Fixed cheat code sort ordering
  • Fixed a bug with centering in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed an audio pitch bug when changing frequency
  • Fixed a volume adjust bug when frequency was exactly 32000hz
  • Fixed X-video RGB rendering bugs [thanks to tukuyomi for testing]
  • Fixed a file open dialog issue on Linux when using QGtkStyle [jensbw]
  • Fixed a memory corruption issue involving QApplication::main() [giovannibajo]
  • Added a preliminary debugger (disabled in binary releases due to associated speed hit)
  • Added S-CPU and S-SMP stepping and tracing support
  • Added read/write/execute breakpoint support
  • Added memory editor (currently it can only view memory)
  • Various code cleanup work, as usual (note: the debugger code is messy, as it is in-progress)
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I downloaded it, thank you!
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