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The biggest feature of this new release is the addition of save state support. Note that this is only currently supported for normal games, and the SPC7110 and OBC-1 co-processors. Other special chips, such as the SuperFX and SA-1, cannot currently save and load state files. I will be adding support for other co-processors little by little in future releases.

* Added save state support
* Added SPC7110 and OBC1 save state support
* Added new tools group, with new cheat code and save state managers
* Lots of new UI shortcuts: quick save state, quick load state, show state manager, etc
* Escape key will now close both the settings and tools group windows
* Added major speed-ups to both SuperFX and SA-1 emulation; both now run ~15-25% faster than v047
* Added new video filter, LQ2x; it's as fast as Scale2x while being almost as smooth as HQ2x
* Re-wrote HQ2x algorithm; code size was reduced to less than 10% of its original size with virtually no speed loss
* Corrected SuperFX2 cache access timing; fixes Stunt Race FX menus and slowdown in other titles
* Relaxed palette write limitations for PGA Tour Golf [Jonas Quinn]
* Fixed a slight timing issue that was breaking 'An Americal Tail - Feivel Goes West'
* Turned off auto-save of SRAM as it was causing slowdowns when writing to flash memory; can be re-enabled via bsnes.cfg -> system.autoSaveMemory = true
* Added bsnes.cfg -> system.autoHideMenus, defaults to false; when true, menu and status bars will be hidden upon entering fullscreen mode
* Added skeletons for ST011 and ST018 support. Both Quick-move titles get in-game now
* Re-wrote S-CPU and S-SMP processor cores to use templates, removed custom pre-processor
* Split PPUcounter into a base class inherited by both PPU and CPU; allows both cores to run out-of-order
* Split inline header functions to separate files, allows headers to be included in any order now
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Thanks, I downloaded it!

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Nice! The savestate manager is working well :) Good job on this version! gotta love bsnes ;D

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Yes, finally save state support is added to the emulator...
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