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Bsnes image synchronization issue

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I've just started using bsnes and it's great, but I get an annoying visual issue: even with sync video set, it's like a horizontal line moved slowly and continuously from the bottom to the top of the screen, causing an irritating tearing. I have this problem no matter what the vsync setting in Catalyst Control Center is -I have a Radeon X850XT for now, waiting for a HD5850 from a shop nearby. This happens with the Direct3D driver, I've tried only this one and OpenGL -which is pitiful, even with triple buffering set in CCC the image doesn't sync at all-, haven't tried the other ones because I guess Direct3D is the best one, and I don't have this issue in ZSNES, where the image sync is outstanding even without resorting to vsync, just triple buffering and voilà, perfect image sync. What's the matter?

UPDATE: I tried running bsnes with Resolution Changer -with a 640x480 resolution, I wanna try to stress my cpu as little as possible-, hoping that forcing it to run in a real fullscreen mode could improve the image sync, but the issue is "inverted": the horizontal line moves from the top to the bottom of the screen. Just in case it can be useful info, I experience this issue in every game -I tried 3 so far: Rockman X, Do Re Mi Fantasy and Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension. And I got this problem with the Gens32 Surreal emulator too, with the only difference that getting the issue in Gens32 made me switch to Kega, which is far better than Gens32 in my opinion, while getting this issue in bsnes is making me delete bsnes to switch back to ZSNES and SNES9x used together depending on the game I run, good emulators but not as good as bsnes in terms of emulation faithfulness.

UPDATE 2: using a 75hz refresh rate -the maximum my monitor, an LG M227WD, supports-, the horizontal line stays in the middle of the screen, it doesn't move anymore but it's as irritating as before. Is it a problem of the emulator itself? I did read in the official site some games have a horizontal line issue, but it's no coincidence if I tried 3 games and all of them have the same problem.
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its definitely a vsync issue but it can only be fixed within the app itself, forcing vsync at the driver level doesn't tend to work for emulators.
Well if its anything like Snes9x, only games where vertical movement occurs, such as Final Fantasy, or a side scroller where you can jump high enough to make the view scroll up and down.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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