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Broken board, Soldering Woes

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Can anyone help me out? I have a broken part on my video card it is lond and cylindircal. Looks like a capacitor of sorts but is coated in hard plastic. Anyways, the thing broke off my board. The soldering points were obviously not strained back and forth as it as a clean break. The entire joint came off revealing a brownish layer underneath. The problem here is, on the video card, everything is pretty packed together, luckily it is not too cluttered around one area that is sort of accessible. But the bigger problem is that the soldering joints are at the bottom of the cylinder and if that's not enough, the bottom is very low to the surface of the PCB. One of the joints spreads out to a rectangular shape, but the other is simply a wire lead completely under the cylinder making any type of soldering a tough as hell job. I can't really take too many risks as this is a very expensive board. I bought it off someone so there is no warranty and such. So does anyone have an idea on how to solder this back or know of a professional soldering service (I know it sounds ridiculous) or such?
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if your iron's tip is not small enough to fit in small spaces, try to attach (or tie) a piece of iron wire (perhaps a paper clip) to the tip. The heat can transfer thru that wire, but only for a limited time; after that the wire might start to lite up...

i guess i need a disclaimer again :p do this at your own risk.
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