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Breath of fire

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When I first controled Fou-lu, I got into a random battle and the battle just froze there, nothing happened. The music was playing and there was no battle menu.......
Anyone knows why this happens?
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check your config. did you disable cdrom status?

did you use a pirated backup? if you did, then this is the wrong forum to be asking these questions. the first encounter which ePSXe is supposed to jam is at kyria. the only reason i can think of if it jams before that when it is running okay at the beginning is the usage of a pirated copy.
BGnome found an interesting little solution there a while back... just tell the emu that you want to switch CD's, then don' comes right back up! I had the same problem, and that unfroze it.
thanks a mill. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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