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Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter is the latest BOF installment on the PS2 system. The game differs a lot from the previous games since there are no usual terms in playing it like BOF3 or BOF4. The game is based on installing speciall skills in weapon slots (if present) and chaining them one into another from Level 1(marked az O) Level 2(marked az X) and Level 3(marked az [ ] ) on the PS2 controller.
The combo system is simle you can chain attacks from level 1 to level 3 but not vice versa. It works like you can chain attack junctioned in O button to level 2 attack in O button and level 3 attack in O button too. It`s simple. Some of them migth invoke hidden tech skills (I know 1 only tho).
The SOL system, a.k.a Scenario OverLay allows you to view different cutscenes each time you play the game, either from begining or from restore points.
D-Ratio decreases (which is better in the game, Bosch is 1/64 while grunt Ryu is 1/8192) depending on how well you played the game (using less saves, viewing more areas, beating more foes, etc.).
The Dragon Counter - yes there is a limit to finish the game. Once you gain the ability to dragonshift you`r D-Counter shows up, taking from 2-5 as a start. Everything, except standing still or in the menu screen rises your D-Counter a bit. When the counter reaches 100 - it`s game over. There is no way to decrease it, but if you avoid using transformation skill you are OK. Don`t worry about walking since it increases your counter - it will take a million steps to reach 100%.
Here are some shots taken from PCSX2 - not very good ones but still shows some game.
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