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Breath of Fire IV...Why?

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Hey everyone, contrary to what you may be thinking i'm having no problems running BoF IV, and that's where the problem lies. I've seen 2 seperate options for BoF IV to get it to work(???) yet I have no pronlem running the game with these options turned off.

Option #1
Under Pete's CDR ASPI Driver 1.6 there exits an option called 'Disable cd-rom status' with BoF IV in () next to it. What is the purpose of this feature? How does it help BoF in any way?

Option #2
Again, what is the purpose of this file (I know how to apply it and what it's used for [aka not a game cheat but to get the game to work]?

My game works just fine without either, however I'm not very far in the game, is there some later point in time (no story spoilers please) where the game will crash without these functions

More info:
GPU: Pete's Soft Driver 1.52
SPU: Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.10
CPU (?): Pete's CDR ASPI Driver 1.6 (and yes Pete you are God)

Computer Specs:
933 P3
Win ME

All help greatly appreciated....

*Off Topic*
Why do intro cutscenes experiance (ex BoF IV and Vagrant Story) such major slowdowns in FPS? VGS also has this problem but the slowdown is a tab bit less...

BTW, BoF IV looks almost as good in epsxe as it does in vgs...

Plugin: Pete's Soft Driver 1.1.52
Author: Pete Bernert

- 1024x768 Fullscreen - [16 Bit]

- FPS limit: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: Auto

- Scanlines: disabled
- Game fixes: off [00000000]
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Someone told me that problems arise later on in the game.. At which point the .cht file will be needed.. I am also only at the beginning of the game..
May I ask what plugins you are using, your specs, and the configuration of those plugins? I'd like to compare with mine, post yours and I'll post everything of what I use.
Ok but I have a voodoo 5 5500 agp.. The configurations should be almost the same though.. Pete and lewpy just use different names for similar functions in their pluggins..

Lewpy's Glide³ Plugin Configuration Information v1.35

Computer Information
OS : Microsoft Windows 98 SE (v4.10 Build 2222)
DirectX : DirectX 8.1 installed
Processor : AMD AMD Athlon(tm) processor, 1000Mhz (1 off) (00/0642)
64kb L1-I, 64kb L1-D, 256kb L2 (on-chip)
Memory : 256Mb

Core Emulator
: 02/06/2001 22:18, 98304 bytes

| Type | Name | Version | Date |
| BIOS | SCPH1001.BIN | | 11/07/1997 05:38 |
| CDR | W9XCDRCORE | 0.0 | Plugin Not Found |
| GPU | gpuLewGlide.dll | 1.35 | 01/08/2001 20:05 |
| SPU | SPUCORE | 0.0 | Plugin Not Found |

| ePSXe Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Sound Enabled | Yes |
| CDDA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Enabled | Yes |
| XA Read Enabled | Yes |
| SPU IRQ Hack | Yes |
| CDROM Drive Letter | F |
| CDROM Accurate Timing | No |
| Disable CDROM Status | No |
| Disable CDROM RT Status | No |
| MDEC Enabled | Yes |
| MDEC Timing Enabled | Yes |
| SIO IRQ Always Enabled | Yes |
| Country | AutoDetect |

Board : Voodoo5 (tm)
Version :
File : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\glide3x.dll
: 16/01/2001 12:38, 348160 bytes

| Plugin Configuration Item | Current Setting |
| Active Configuration | 2 |
| Active 3dfx Card | 1 |
| Enable HotKeys | Yes |
| Resolution | 800x600 |
| Refresh Rate | 60Hz |
| Emulate MASK Bit | Yes |
| Dynamic Texture Caching | Yes |
| Custom FrameCap | 40Hz |
| On-Screen Display | FPS |
| Frame Skip | Disabled |
| FrameRate Limit | Auto |
| System Type | NTSC |
| FrameCap Method | New |
| Draw Method | Bright |
| Alpha Blending Mode | Advanced |
| Bilinear Filtering | Enabled w/o Sprites |
| Alpha Testing | Normal |
| FrameBuffer Access | Read/Write |
| Off-Screen Drawing | Full |
| Polygon Mode | Textured |
| Texture Windows | Enabled |
| VSync | Enabled |
| Banshee Code | Disabled |
| MDEC Format | Texture |
| Experimental Flipping | Off |
| Experimental Screen Sizing | Off |
| FrontBuffer Rendering Fix | Off |
| FF7 TextureWindow Fix | Off |
| DMAChain Fix | Long |

You can also check a few screenshots I made in the screenshots board..
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You must carefully apply the cheat before entering Kyria
I say carefully because if you don't do it at the right time all your battles will never end (that's a real bummer).

Unfortuantely I've yet to get the SAVE option to work so I'm using save states.

When you get to Mount Glum and the forger guy there you have to use the cheat too.

In order for you to play BOF4 flawess you need to follow these procedures.

1. Locate the patch which comes along with epsxe for BOF4 which can be located in your epsxe cheats folder. Now you need to load the patch from epsxe GUI which cheats and then you have to load it . Now when you will load the cheat you will come across 2 minor problems which are

1. epsxe for some reason keeps on unloading the patch from time to time and and so you have to check up on it just to make sure that its loaded

2. During your ingame battles you will experince that your computer is playing the background music and the characters tend to show some motion but they do not respond to anything. You will have a feeling thats its stuck well its not. You will have to press F1 which is the save state key and then F3 which is the state load key. When you do so everytyhing will be back to normal but when you perform the following procedure your patch will unload and so you have to press the ESC key and then laod it again and get back to your game by pressing continue. ....

Just a precaution whenver your about to leave or enter any town it is better of to see that whether your cheat or patch is still loaded or not. . take care and have fun playing it. its a great game
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Really? I have yet to experiance any of thos problems.....i've been p-laying it for a few hours now..............but thanx everyone for all the tips

as for all my plugins i'm using pete's soft driver 1.52 on 16 bit color on 1024x768 res

spu is pete's dsound 1.10

cdr is pete's 1.6

everything is pretty much looks as good as vgs
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