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Breath of Fire IV transparent graphic problem

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Those of you who have played the game know that when Ryu activated Meditation (the skill that makes him transform) he has a red cylinder like shape around him. The problem is that it is not transparent so I can't see him at all. I have a Windows XP laptop with nVIDIA Geforce420 Go 32MB graphic card, so I should be able to see transparent images, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm using the ePSXe emulator with the OpenGL video plugin, am I using the wrong plugin?
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Post your GPU plugin configuration.
this games awsome, got the pc version :D

Post ur Gpu config...

I overread brilliants reply and fiddled half an hour with the game just to find out is is indeed the mask bit option. ^^
I tried that option and it worked, but now i got another problem. The sprites are somewhat off now. When Ryu/Fou-lu revert to their human form during/at the end of a battle, they just dissapear for about 5 seconds then I see the human form. Also (you'd have to play the game to understnad this) when Howling as casted at my characters, they are suppose to look streatched out but nothing happens. Is there an option I have to activate to makes the sprites animate things like that?

This is my GPU plug in config.

Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.76

Resolutions & Colors
-Window Mode (I never use Fullscreen, it doesn't seem to work)
-Window Size: 400 X 300
-Color depth: 16 bit

-Texture Quality: R8 G8 B8 A8-Best colors, more ram needed
-Texture Filtering: 6-Extended+smoothed Sprites
-Hi Res Textures: 1-2xSal
-Gfx card vram: 0 (Autodetect)

-Show FPS display on startup
-Use FPS limit
-Auto-detect FPS/Frame skipping limit

-Off Screen Drawing: 3-Enhanced
-Framebuffer Textures: 0-Emulated Vram
-Framebuffer Access: 0-Emulated Vram
-Alpha Multipass
-Mask Bit (helped with the transparent images, thanks again for the info ^^)
-Advanced Blending

-Unfiltered Framebuffer Updates
-Color Dithering
-Special Game Fixes
-Odd/even bit hack (needed with epsxe 1.5.2 and older)

That's it.
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Try increasing Framebuffer Access.
Turn off your Odd/Even Bit Hack.
the "dissapearing sprite" is definately a framebuffer/off-screen drawing thing. I remember messing with it on Lewpy's plugin a while back, the character is supposed to sorta "shatter" like glass and reform as human. When framebuffer and off-screen drawing settings were increased/enabled, the sprite behaved properly.

Try what fireblaster said, it should work.
That did it, it's working now. What i can't seem to understand is that the last time I tried to enable it, the game wouldn't load after the CAPCOM logo. I can only play my game only if I load my game's state which is ok by me. Thank you again for your time and patience.
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