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Breath of fire IV + PEC

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Hello is there anyone who knows how i can Find Game Shark or PAR code usable with PEC and EPSXE for this great game Breath of fire IV pal (french). I have only found codes for US version but i've tried them and they doesn't work.
Thx for your replies.
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go to gamefaqs and then just put them in !!
Thx but these are NTSC codes for the US version i've already found them but they don't work on my version I'm french and using the european version wich is a little different and don't sue the same codes !!!

I am not sure if the french version is the same, but general Breath Of Fire 4 codes are available here :

Check if your region code is SLES-03552, then they will work.

Thanks it's the good region code i'll try this code once i've updeted PEC database.
After trying this codes won't work they aren't Game Shark compatbile so i can't use them with PEC. This codes are for a special PSX module so I van't use them with EPSXE and PEC but thx for trying to reply. If anyon have an idea where i can found these codes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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