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Breath of fire IV - error

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I have a problem with this game - somethimes (at the same points) tha game crashes - and the cheat in ePSXe sometimes help sometimes doesnt help - dont u know what to do with it - or some patch ...

please dont answer that i have to switch to VGS or FPSE and play there ant than switch again - i want to play it on ePSXe :)

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ice2hot: do u thnik that i m a stupid man ? - all of that what u have write to me i know - but the game still had an error.

i m using that patch - and i know that it is enabled - but the game somethimes in the same places had an error

i m asking what i can do with this (i m using tha patch) if there is another patch ?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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