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Breath of fire IV - error

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I have a problem with this game - somethimes (at the same points) tha game crashes - and the cheat in ePSXe sometimes help sometimes doesnt help - dont u know what to do with it - or some patch ...

please dont answer that i have to switch to VGS or FPSE and play there ant than switch again - i want to play it on ePSXe :)

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well 2 things that u need to do
u have t check time to time whether the cheat is enabled...
2. when u enable the cheat it sometimes causes a hang during the order to unfreeze it it using the save state function which can be done pressing F1 and then load it pressing F3 but then uhave to load the cheat again ...if udo this ull be able play the game just fine
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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