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Breath of Fire 4

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Hey when i play Breath of Fire 4 it's an iso i don't get smooth battle transitions and i don't see some of the spell effects what settings do you recommend to fix this.
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In order for you to play BOF4 flawess you need to follow these procedures.

1. Locate the patch which comes along with epsxe for BOF4 which can be located in your epsxe cheats folder. Now you need to load the patch from epsxe GUI which cheats and then you have to load it . Now when you will load the cheat you will come across 2 minor problems which are

1. epsxe for some reason keeps on unloading the patch from time to time and and so you have to check up on it just to make sure that its loaded

2. During your ingame battles you will experince that your computer is playing the background music and the characters tend to show some motion but they do not respond to anything. You will have a feeling thats its stuck well its not. You will have to press F1 which is the save state key and then F3 which is the state load key. When you do so everytyhing will be back to normal but when you perform the following procedure your patch will unload and so you have to press the ESC key and then laod it again and get back to your game by pressing continue. ....

Just a precaution whenver your about to leave or enter any town it is better of to see that whether your cheat or patch is still loaded or not. . take care and have fun playing it. its a great game
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