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Breath of Fire 4 slowdowns

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Hey there,

Is it possible to not have slowdowns in BoF4. The only time it actually does slowdown is usually huge areas. Areas such as towns, massive cliffs, etc.

Im using

Epsxe 1.4.0

Pete's D3D Driver 1.47

Internal Sound proscessor

And my system specs more than meet the req. to run the game.

AMD 750Mhz
Voodoo 3

So um...anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance,
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use lewpy's glide driver. they perform better with 3dfx cards.

if you prefer pete's plugins, at least use his latest version of 1.51 and see the difference.

your settings are not shown so it is difficult to assist you in a meaningful way by way of settings. however, my recommandations seeing your sys specs are to press the fast button if using pete's plugins. true they are above the requirements but not good enough to run at full fps if you enable all the options like full vram primitives and such.

try running textures at 4,4,4,4. you will notice a great improvement in speed.

hope this helps. :p
you will have slowdowns in bof4 no matter what you do because the fps limiter is at fault. you can use pc standard fps calculation with pete's plugin, there will be no slowdowns but music is too fast.
Try using software mode of Pete's plugins.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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