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I finally once again on my old Playstation game "Breath of Fire 3 was gone.
Since this earlier one of my favorite, I decided I "ePSXe".
All set and off we went.
So now I have been playing for about 9 hours and I'm in "Urkan Taka" or something like that.
There, you have to push back even with "Garr" the stone.
The only Problem is that I can not choose him into the team.

Screenshot is attached.

Please help me by my problem
And... Sorry for my bad english iam come from germany...


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Are you sure Garr is on the team to begin with? Maybe there's something else you need to do frst to get him on the team permanently.

Also, did you try changing teams while on the tent? I don't remember where one can change teams. XD
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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