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Breath of Fire 3 problem can't solve on my own, help please. :(

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The game almost runs fine, but the text and some objects in the game are in 'black boxes' I tried every configuration, but it's not working. Here's what I'm using:

System Specs:
Duron 650mhz with 128mb ram, 32x CDROM, 8x/4x/32x CDRW

Using Null2's Softwar Audio SPU for sound
Using no cdrom plugins (burnt my cd as a ISO onto HD to run faster)
Using Petes D3D GPU 1.48

Settings on D3D GPU 1.48:
Resolution: 800x600 fullscreen
Texture Quality: R5 G5 B5 A1
Filtering: Standard w/o sprites
Caching Type: Dynamic
Use FPS Limit: Enabled
FPS Limit: 65
Off-Screen Drawing: Standard
Advanced Blending: Hardware
Alpha Multipass: Enabled
Mask Bit Detection: Enabled
Framebuffer Textures: Gfx card better
Color Dithering: Enabled
Full Vram primatives: Disabled.
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Try to disable Mask bit detection I know it sometimes causes that sort of problem.
Thanks, that worked, but now I have another problem:

All the time when I fight in battles and I use a skill or a spell, their sounds are garbbled out, and it's super slow. Below is my comfig and system specs again. I've tried what I know, and nothing is fixing it. I tried with a ISO copy of my game as well with the CD and both do the same thing with this config:

Using same config above.
Riva TNT2 Model 64 AGP card with 32mb on it
Well try another SPU(the internal one)or try to change you framebuffer textures to black.
Slowdown sped up a bit when I turned framebuffers to black, but the sound when they cast and say the spells are still garbbled out badly.
Try disabling Offscreen drawing,if it doesn't work well I can't help you anymore since I don't own the game.
So,does anyone here can help him?
You may be somewhat surprised at this, but you may want to try psemu pro...I finished BOF3 on it and experienced almost 0 problems.
Tried PSEMU Pro, but I couldn't ever get it working.
You may want to try getting your hands on some old plugins...hold on, I think I have some you can try (I still have an old, unupdated copy of psemu with all the old, compatible plugins). Hope it helps!
Umm...where's the file I posted?!:confused:
Tell ya what...if you want them, I'll e-mail them to you
Not sure if this is off base, but I tended to have some problems w/ Nulls driver. Have you tried the built
in driver. Coincidentally, I believe Nulls driver is supposed use less resources than the built in one, so if
this doesn't cure anything you probably would want to switch back.

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