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whenever pre-rendered videos play in FF12, they chop every few seconds; the following line appears in the pcsx2 'console' window every time it skips "sceMpegGetPicture is aborted". Besides this, the game runs just fine, and FF12 has the wonderful option of being able to skip the FMVs without resorting to trickery. It's just, I'd like to watch the FMVs..anyone familiar with this problem and know a way to fix it? thnx:)

edit: so i fixed the problem with the fmvs by changing my sound plugin from P.E.Op.S. SPU2 1.9.0 to SPU-X 1.1.0

however, another problem has come up it seems. In game I get some strange audio bugs (beeping, unnatural sounds, stuff that usually isn't in the game). SPU-X has a more extensive configuration than PEOpS, is there a way to fix my sound bugs from within the plugin? thnx again :p
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