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Beta Date: SSE2 18 July 2005
Conditions Tested Under:

GSdx9 0.9 MSVC14.00 SSE2 (10 July 2005)
SPU2 NullDriver
SSSPSX pad 1.5
Cdvdpeops 1.2
USA v01.60 bios

Just got this game (altough it's quite old...) and... well, it's really working well...
The ingame 3D gfx are perfect looking, even in VUrec, and playable @ 8-12 fps... There's supposed to be a 2D golden cup on the right of the screen, which is a bit missing... (see screenshot on the real PS2)
Currently, I can only play the 'child' mode which doesn't have intro videos... but I'll try to make a pss-skip patch...

Not very complexe 3D but looking nice in high-res... :2love:

When trying ingame with sound, only the first instruments are heard... then it stops playing...

EDIT : Added 5 more shots...
Managed to reach the normal 'story' mode.. (just bash 'start' to skip the video) BUT the normal mode is not playable as it needs button pressure detection, which my PS2-to-PC USB converter doesn't seem to have...
... so, GAME OVER... (Boooooo.... :p )

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