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brand A ram + brand B ram = trouble ?

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I already have 1 samsung ddr on my mobo, and now i want to add another ram to my mobo which is different brand ( either "Apacer" or "kingston").

I would like to know whether this will cause conflick or problems?
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Not as far as I'm aware. In one of my machines I have a mixture of different simms/dimms gathered up from different places over the years all working without a hitch. That said I have no experience with DDR but I assume that its the same.
Thanks for your reply :)

I think i know what to do now.
:confused: Betamax, what does Creative have to do with RAM? :confused:
On my celeron i had 2 64 dimm 1 is hyundai 64mb pc100 and the other is a 64mb generic pc100 if i enable read around write in the bios the pc will surely hang in a couple of minutes and if i disable it, it works just fine and also removing the other dimm also solve my problem

I have a gig of pc133 cas 2 ram from there. works great. my memory scores for sdram are as good as crappy ddr ram scores. the new ddr boards kill my scores though.

if your not worried about cas latency then a lot of pc 100 ram will do 133 mhz. never buy generic ram. generic ram sucks.

if you want good cheap ram then buy micron.
Some DDR motherboards are quite picky about what brands of RAM they work with. Remember, SDR ram has been around much longer. It's well worth checking reviews for your particular DDR motherboard before choosing which RAM to buy.
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