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Here are the news:
- (WIN32) Add Speedup Features (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add Stretch Fit To Screen for DirectX Fullscreen (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Fixes ROM Information for first ROM loaded (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add/Fixes Scanline (TV Mode) support for DirectX Window/Fullscreen (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Fixes Autospeed Throttle when using FrameSkip (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add frameskips 4/5 for low computers (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add VBA compatible FPS display (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Major rework to the program Debugger (Dysfunction)
- (WIN32) Fixes GetNumberDialog for large numbers (Dysfunction)
- (WIN32) Reworked debugger code (Dysfunction)
- (WIN32) Single step debugging now works properly (Dysfunction)
- (WIN32) Runto/Breakpoint debugging now works properly (Dysfunction)
- (WIN32) Register window now displays RUN/STOP/BKPNT RUN status
- (WIN32) Add support for breakpoints & runto functions (Dysfunction)
- (WIN32) All registers can now be edited during debug (Dysfunction)
- Add support for MagicLight TM [DISABLED] (Gollum)
- Add large EEPROM support [Super MarioAdvance 2] thanks to the VisualBoyAdvance author (Forgotten/Gollum)
- Fixes GBA initialization [PocketNes] (Gollum)
- Fixes BIOS setting [Sonic Advance] (Gollum)
- Add/Fixes BIOS 1 [Mr. Driller 2] (Gollum)
- Add a little memory hack [Lucky Luke - Wanted] (Gollum)
- Disable new mainloop (sometimes buggy) (Gollum)
- Remove a cpu hack [Ogre Tactics needs BIOS to work] (Gollum)
- Optimize BIOS B/C (Gollum)
- Fixes VBLANK emulation [Rocket Power Dream Scheme] (Gollum)
- Add again layer debugging for Modes 0/1 (Gollum)
- Add some opcodes [Doom/Denki Blocks] (Dysfunction)
- Rewrite mainloop to support working debugger (Dysfunction)
- Modify all cycle wasting to be under CPU code (Dysfunction)
- Multiple breakpoint support (Dysfunction)
- Optimize Rotation/Scale display for Modes 0/1/2 (Gollum)
- Fixes BIOS 13 [Atlantis/Tetris Worlds] (Gollum)
- Fixes GZip/Zip loading with multiple extensions (Gollum)
- Fixes THUMB opcodes A0-A7 (Gollum)
- Fixes OAM display in 16/256 colors for all Modes (Gollum)
- Add/Fixes BIOS 16/17/18 [Atlantis/Tetris Worlds] (Gollum)

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Thanks fivefeet8.I was about to download the older version(still havent tried this emulator) but with this new release I will see where it stands out against vba(only gba emulator I tried until now).
Btw you have been really quick with news submissions in recent times.:)

Maybe NGEmu should ask fivefeet8 to help with posting news, especially since NGEmu is rarely up to date and Bobbi seems to be the only posting news 90% of the time (which is why the news is rarely up to date, and is understandable). Maybe a focus on getting the site up to date would be a good thing; I know how difficult it must be for Bobbi, and EmuManiac being the only ones that feels like posting. I also understand some people just don't have the time (I sometimes don't and really appreciate my team members helping out in that area). I can only assume with a stronger team, comes a more up to date site and more features. Anyway I am not complaining just giving some suggestions and a recommendation to hire more news posters. :p

With the server move, lots of new stuff has been introduced to the members area ... if you don't have access any more I'm sorry, just drop me a mail with the pass you'd like to have and I'll set you up with one again.

Finding news posters is a rather difficult thing I can tell you ... if any of the skilled forum posters here would like to join us on this, feel free to drop me a mail so we can talk about it.
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