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Hmm, funny ... posted that one earlier already and it dissapeared (*write down - check news script for dissapearing posts). Anyway, the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">BoycottAdvance homepage</a> got updated again today. No, it's not about yet another translation (we decided to not post all of them, as we doubt you really find those interresting), although those have been posted as well, but more about a WIP status update from both, the windows and the online version. Take a look yourself ... <center>
<table border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="10"><tr><td width="50%" valign="top"><font size="-1" face="Verdana"><b>BoycottAdvance W.I.P</b>
<li>Mr. Driller 2 intro is better !
<li>Tetris Worlds is now working perfectly !
<li>Atlantis is now near perfect ! (still a few blinking sprites)
<li>Some other games are maybe better too... </td><td width="50%" valign="top"><font size="-1" face="Verdana"><b>BoycottAdvance Online (BAO) W.I.P</b>
<li>Add Mode 2 support
<li>Add Rotation/Scale support for Modes 1/2
<li>Some bug fixes
<li>Add/Fixes some BIOS calls </td></tr></table></center>
Got it ? :) While most of use certainly don't understand all the technical stuff, it should certainly mean that more games are running in the next version, to which we're all looking forward now (already sent in a postcard ? =P). For more translations, news and WIPs, check out the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Boycott Advance homepage</a> now !
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