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Julien 'Gollum' Frelat just updated the offiicial <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Boycott Advance homepage</a> with several interresting news items ... as the post is a bit messy, let's go through it one by one :)
First off, he made a new public windows release of this great emulator, using the version number V0.22bR3 - the list of changes is amazingly long, check the included readme for full details; here's the summary so you can get an overview :<ul><li>(WIN32) DirectX Fullscreen Support (Perfect Dark)
<li>(WIN32) DirectX Filtering Display (Perfect Dark)
<li>(WIN32) GDI/DirectX Dynamic Display (Perfect Dark)
<li>(WIN32) Full DirectX Support (Dysfunction/Perfect Dark)
<li>GZip/Zip Files Support (Gollum/Richard Bannister)
<li>Huge Optimizations (Gil Pedersen/Richard Bannister/Gollum)
<li>Many Bug/BIOS Fixes (Gollum/Dysfunction)
<li>Many Gfx Fixes/Optimizations (Gollum/Dysfunction)
<li>Huge Sound Improvements (Gollum)</ul>Like I said, many changes (ZIP support! Sound improvments !), so every GBA fan should prolly get this file - download it <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=80&id=14">by clicking here</a>. The second news post is announcing the release of another version of the Java (therefor called BoycottAdvance Online) version, which seems to have reached a quite nice state already ! No readme including telling about any specific changes, so let's look what the page says :<ul><li>Better speed
<li>Better compatibility (sometimes better than BoycottAdvance Windows!)
<li>Some improvements & bug fixes as usual...</ul>Not really telling much, but it's certainly worth a try. You can download BoycottAdvance online v0.12 by clicking <a href="/gba/boycottadv/download/">here</a> - it should work on about any platform supporting Java !

Oh yeah, like I said there're three news items, the last one not being a release but rather an announcement; the author said he started a new, secret project which isn't GBA related - but he'll post some screenshots showing the progress @ his homepage soon - so keep an eye for this and more cool GBA news at the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official Boycott Advance homepage</a>.
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