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Already announced yesterday, but re-released today because of a bug during compiling, here's the final and working version of BoyCott Advance/SDL, a great GBA emulator. The released versions are for BeOS, Linux and even for Windows users, where it's supposed to be even faster in some parts than the normal version. Let's take a look again at the change list, taken from the readme :<ul><li>Insync with the 0.22b R3 emulation-core (Caz/Niels);
<li>Compiled entirely for Pentium Pro (and up) CPU's (gives speedboost) (Niels);
<li>Implented 2nd scanline option on y-ax (Niels);
<li>Implented slightly faster graphical output (Caz/Niels);
<li>Implented multiple savestates per game (Niels);
<li>Implented new faster graphics core (Caz/Niels);
<li>Throttle option fixed (more solid and less choppy) (Caz); </ul>Instead of putting links here for all three versions, I'll either point you to our "top download" menu to your right handed site, or, even easier, to our <a href="/gba/boycottadvsdl.php?page=download">Boycott Advance/SDL download page</a>, which features all releases and tools you'll need. To check out the official page, just point your browser <a href="" TARGET="_blank">here</a>. Feel free to discuss this on our <a href="/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=32">BoycottAdvance board</a>.
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