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Hi! I have been working with this problem for days and couldnt fix it but then yesterday night I saw what I required to install so that wiimote and KB 360 will show up!

Here :

1.First download DX9 march 2009 and VC++ sp1 2008 redistributable
2.Then click and download this setup Download Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5.6001.22133 Beta - An application installation and configuration service - Softpedia
3.After that install the setup and POOF! Look at your dolphin emulator plugins! Wiimote plugin shows up :wub:!

I have done this yesterday and now I am playing super smash bros brawl on dolphin! Too bad i cant post screenshots (I dont know how :dead:). So please follow the instructions directly and enjoy super smash bros brawl on PC .

P.S if this doesnt work and you already downloaded the three setups in my instructions then go to where your directx9 march 2009 directory is and then find a setup name DXSETUP click it and follow its instructions (This is for those who dont know how to install DX9 ;))
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