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Boost your MP3 and WMA before you load to player....

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Just palyed around with an MP3 and a WMA I was having issue with on my Audiovox SMT 5600 ( Windows Powered Phone )

Anyway I had these 2 files that sounded ok on my home system, then placed on my phone I had trouble hearing on the ear buds, just too soft.

So I fired up Roxio Sound editor and had a go at tweeking the sound.

Pre Boost

Tweek and adjust ( added a simple 5 Db and tiny adjustments across the board)

File Saved and tranfered ( finished file )

It worked like a charm, now 100% volume is too loud ( no distortion either ).

Anyway there are many many Freeware and adware sound editors, plus Microsoft offer Win Media Encoder for free ( can adjust sound levels ).

If you have a sound editor I would say run your MP3's and WMA throught to tweek them up a bit for mobile use

I hope this helps someone get better sound form their unit be it a phone or micro MP3 Player, as it helped me a ton!!!

***TIP : Remember kids a little goes a long way, be careful when you up the Db level, too much will kill good sound and could hurt your ears*** :)
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I had this Pioneer head unit in my old car that didn't like it when I changed levels in songs. It would make this horrible popping sound even when doing something as simple as boosting the volume. And it wasn't just a certain program either, just about everyone that I tried resulted in the same popping sound. The weird thing is that I can play that same cd in the newer car with a Sony unit and it sounds as clean as the original, if not better.

I've never heard of Goldwave before, I'll have to try it out.

By the way, great song! Not too many people have heard of it before. It has to be one of his best songs.
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