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Bomberman 64 Second Attack

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Game works on PJ64 1.3 but you must choose

-protected memory

Used plugins

Jabo's Direct3D6 1.30
Jabo's DirectSound 1.30
N-Rage`s Direct-Input8 1.60

Also menus and copyright screens were missing. I saw no menus. I kept hitting start and the game started.
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Another in game shot
wow... never knew it worked :)

nice nice...

again nice :)

i gota get that game backup :)

oh yeah... what are your computer specs?

i'll probally get slower :(

looks like u have a super computer...
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Wow...nice screen shots. You must like N64 games. :) I luv N64 but now its dead. :(
Heh not really. I like the racing games mostly. DC is my fav console and then PSX.

Will try some more games soon and post more screen shots. I'm waiting for a better SPU plugin for PJ64. The current ones are too slow and some games just sound very very bad.

If it wasn't for the sound I guess most games would run full speed on say a P3 500 with a descent video card.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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