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Hi mates!
Last night i came across article about Albert E. and relativity theory. It was pretty short and most about story behind it and with a few examples like:
"Time is not the same at the top and the bottom of Eiffel tower" and "Light always travels at same speed, even if we were to come up to 99% of its speed it would still travel 300 000 km/s away from us" and such things. I thought it great fun that I couldn't possibly grasp it or any of other theories (looks like I'm more of a Newton guy)
So now I need your help with this for starters... Relativity theory and all this different time at different speeds stuff. Any good books and/or web sites that try to explain this stuff. I'm not that stupid but I'm faaaar from educated but this stuff interest me and I'm ready to stop reading "Song Of Fire And Ice" (Great stuff thanks MaZa if you read this) just to find out more about this stuff :)
Thank you for your time!
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