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Well I got some weird problems using this setup.

I have the vba-over.ini
I have the RTC enabled by default anyways in VBA though.

Using a clean dump of Boktai - The Sun is in your Hand.
And a patch for the clean version to allow Sunlight levels.

In this formation, I get two problems.
1) Unknown RTC command 64 error pop ups.
A) Right after starting it shows you the Setting up Solar Sensor.
B) Hit A and an error box saying "Unknown RTC command 64" pops up at me.
C) Hit ok and it continues seemingly just fine.
D) Next screen the Settings are OKed.
E) Then I get the Time Screen and when I Hit "Start" I get the same error in Part A)
F) Hit ok anyways goes alright it seems.

2) I get Solar Sensor is broken Message about then 5 seconds into the start of the game.

A) Start a Default game with all the standard settings
B) Wait until you get to something about the balance between the living and the undead (something like that) and you get an internal game message that your solar sensor is broken.

Now.. this is in VBA 1.8.0 beta3,

Though when using VBA 1.4,
All the above never happens and it works just fine.
But from 1.5 to 1.8.0 beta it breaks.

Is there some broken statements in VBA 1.8.0 beta3 to cause this problem?
Otherwise I'll just have to use 1.4 until there is a fix for this problem.
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