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It doesn't matter what GPU I use it seems with this.
ISO CDROM makes no differerance.
The error is always the same

what happens is I entering the city music plays then I get this dumped on my screen.

* Running ePSXe emulator version 1.4.0.
* Memory handlers init.
* ePSXe: PSX BIOS loaded [D:\BOCHS\PSX\EPSXE\Bios\SCPH1001.BIN].
* Init ISO code ... ok
* Doing init gpu...
* Gpu open...
* Direct input init ok.
* Doing spu init...
* Spu open...
* NTSC cdrom detected.
* LoadState Done! (3)
* Closing spu ...
* Closing gpu ...
* Shutdown gpu ...
* Closing ISO system.
SPEC Opcode 3f UNK (PC 00000068) (00000028) (1103842,2)

And of course the thing stops working..

System P3-300
Diamond Stealth 3d 2000 (4M)
Standard cheap sound card (grin)

GPU Petes Soft GPU (or Kazzuya's either crash the same)
SPU Iori's 1.46 Direct Sound
CDR Pete's 1.6

Ideas and suggestions welcome
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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