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BoF4 Config?

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Hey all, I have BoF4 working just fine - until I reach the part (near the beginning) when Fou Lu (sp?) retreats to the forest. Shortly after, the guards set the forest on fire, and Fou Lu runs through the forest. The problem, is that the forest is having the same effect that you see in Counter-Strike when you're in a wall (or most FPS games when you go through the walls with no clipping on)... everything is sliding downward and repeating. It's kind of difficult to explain... at any rate, could someone who's gotten this game to work on ePXSe well post their config (video card)? I saw somewhere else that Lewpy's 3dfX Glide seems to work the best... which is what I'm using... but with what turned on and off?


PS: I have an AGP Voodoo 5500
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