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Sorry for another Breath of Fire 3 question, but now that I've gotten the black boxes around some objects and the text to go away, all the time when I fight in battles and I use a skill or a spell, their sounds are garbbled out, and it's super slow. Below is my comfig and system specs again. I've tried what I know, and nothing is fixing it. I tried with a ISO copy of my game as well with the CD and both do the same thing with this config:

System Specs:
Duron 650mhz with 128mb ram, 32x CDROM, 8x/4x/32x CDRW

Using Null2's Softwar Audio SPU for sound
Using MSCDEX plugin
Using Petes D3D GPU 1.48

Settings on D3D GPU 1.48:
Resolution: 800x600 fullscreen
Texture Quality: R5 G5 B5 A1
Filtering: Standard w/o sprites
Caching Type: Dynamic
Use FPS Limit: Enabled
FPS Limit: 65
Off-Screen Drawing: Standard
Advanced Blending: Hardware
Alpha Multipass: Disabled
Mask Bit Detection: Enabled
Framebuffer Textures: Gfx card better
Color Dithering: Enabled
Full Vram primatives: Enabled.
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