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BoF 2 GBA messup

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ok ive been playin Breath of Fire 2 on my Emu, and once i get to the part where they are all about to jump off of a tower in high fort, it freezes, any idea how i can fix it? drivers and stuff are all updated, is it cause im using 1.5a? (ill edit or delete this post if i can if i end up fixing it)
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Try using 1.7.2 or the new 1.8 beta
ok, is there a way i can transfer the saved data and stuff over to the new version? cause i dun wanna have to start all over
You can't use the existing save across the different versions?
no, i copied all 5 BoF2 files to the new folder (cause didn't wanna risk losing any BoF2 save data)

or should i go ahead and reinstall 1.7.2 into the old folder? cause i really dont wanna redo over 5 hours of play time >.< or something like that, i think its more like 3 hours
put the new vba where you old vba was, and leave all your files in the same places.....
ok i did that, now i lost all my saved data

*chokes everyone* hours of work down the drain :angry: :rant: :hdbash: :cuss2: :damnyou: :dead:
VBA just doesn't lose stuff like that. One thing people need to realize: save states are a good thing. Relying on battery files is usually bad. Using a save state you have both at the same time and the save state is guaranteed to work.

Anyway, you should have backed up your data if you were concerned about losing it. You may have different settings now, etc...

It is hard to say what is going on, but look for your .sav files in your harddrive.
well sorry to point out that my save states are also gone, so something happened when i replaced the old VBA, i cant tell ya what, but im just gonna have to restart my game now :S

and most of the time i forgot about backing up anything, now unless its extremely important then i probably wont back it up, but still :???:

oh well, thx for the help anyways
Dark Wolf said:
*chokes everyone* hours of work down the drain :angry: :rant: :hdbash: :cuss2: :damnyou: :dead:
A loss which can be so easily avoided if you buy a gba and the real game instead of downloading it from the net...

I've been using VBA intensively for the last 3 years, the emu doesn't lose stuff. I always install the new version over the old and it works like a charm since it detects all your previous version's directories. The only thing it comes to mind is that you changed the battery size and therefore it is not detecting the save data of your old saves...
i didnt even know u can change battery size, much less where, so i have no clue, all i did was extract all the files into my original directory
Check in Options, Emulator and Save Type... even so, what you are describing can not happen with GBA.
it's my luck, stuff happens to me all the time i dont like

really suks ill tell ya that (even if it is fixable or not)

EDIT: and it didnt do anything, its on automatic flash 64k, and i changed the settings and it did nothing (i tried all the others)
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