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Bobbi's editorial

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I just need to comment on one thing in that...

<ul><b>The new format (1 game / disc) allows us to deliver popular titles with greater enhancements than previously planned
to the Dreamcast platform, and at an affordable price, which is what gamers really want." said David Herpolsheimer,
president and CEO of bleem, inc. </b><BR><BR></ul>
Makes me personally wonder ... did David ask the gamers ? After last years E3 I got the impression that people were happy to play up to 400 games with all 4 paks - I haven't heard anyone asking if he can buy a pak with only one game though.
I don't remember anyone ever asking for a single game pak, but there were quite a few people E-mailing asking for customizable paks (Some of whom said they'd be willing to pay extra for it), and some who were concerned that each pak would only have 1 or 2 good games, and the rest would be the crapola ones (Although, considering there are only like 10 good PSX games, and about 900 horrible ones, that only stands to reason. :p). Granted, there were many more people that thought getting perfect compatibility with 100 games for $20 was an incredible deal, but there definitely was some complaining and grumbling about it. Not that it makes single game paks any better, but it does somewhat explain what David is talking about, as people can now buy only the ones they want. And, I wanted all the facts to be out there, for people to make their decisions on...
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Quick question for any that may know....if you actually buy one of these, then find a bug...will they have to send all their consumers another CD or make them buy another one just to fix the bug? Bear in mind that NO amount of playtesting will find EVERY bug, as you don't have access to the source of the game itself, you can't very well test specific areas until you PLAY to them (Kinda slow). How will that be handled?
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