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I see you guys are updating the board software. This actually is causing a problem with my account. The reason for this is that I initially tried to register a month before under the name Clements but the activation email did not work, so my account was dormant. I registered a month later under [Clements] and it worked on that occasion.

The new board update changes the URL of threads and profiles, and this has had a negative affect on my profile, as my failed activation attempt and my current account are in conflict. Click under my username and view my profile - it links to my failed activation attempt account of Clements.

So, please would an Administator fix my account up so that there is no longer a conflict? Perhaps merge the accounts or delete the old one, and rename me to Clements like I tried to do the first time. That would be really great. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, we just noticed the same with Elly's account (that's the guy with the four square's as nick if you don't have that language set installed :) )

I reported this as a bug and changed your account ... you can now login using Clements as username and your usual password. Your posts should have been carried over, if not drop me a pm :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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