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Block Dumper

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I didn't feel like making isos of my games to make blockdumps, so I made a blockdumper plugin instead. Is uses an existing plugin, and saves all the read sectors to block.dump.

Try it and fix it (or tell me) if it crashes :p

NOTE: The code is lame, and in a single file. If anyone feels like dividing it, cleaning it up, or anything else, do it.

EDIT: *****! I replied to the wrong thread (not sure how). Can anyone move this to latest betas (or to it's own thread if needed)?

EDIT2: Fixed some bugs. Beta 3 released

EDIT3: Added Linuz's blockdump file format support and fixed some bugs. Beta 4 released
EDIT4: fixed a few bugs in beta4. uploaded again.
EDIT5: fixed more.

EDIT6: Fixed more bugs. Now the plugin should load correctly using linuz's cdvdiso plugin. Beta 5 released.
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thanx for this

Excellent idea, thanx for the plugin GiGaHeRz :thumb:
Havent tried it yet, hope it works ok :)

(heh, first post here :wave: )
Uploaded a new beta.
Hope this works better for you.
ahh no more 2gb dumps ;p
now the dumps should be playable using linuz's plugin (forgot to check the sector count :p)

EDIT: fixed correctly now.
beta 5 released (why doesn't it go up and say "last updated: now()" when you EDIT it? I don't like multi-posting lame posts to make ppl see there is an update, and I know you are too lazy to look at it if I don't do that :p)
You could just post each beta in your new reply ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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