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BleemCast Pressing

Just a short post to let you all know that <a href="" TARGET="_new">Bleem</a> found a new cd replicator and the first MGS and Tekken 3 cd's have already been pressed. Packaging should be underway by the time most of you read this (hopefully). Here is what the <a href="" TARGET="_new">Official site</a> has to say.<ul>After no small amount of begging, we were able to find a rockin' replicator here in L.A. who was willing to save our pitiful butts.

You're looking at the first discs of bleemcast! for MGS and TK3, hot off the presses, tested, and ready to go. They've been running all night and should be completed sometime tonight.

Packaging begins tomorrow and should take about two days, but we're taking whatever they finish, as they finish it. If possible, we hope to start getting orders out tomorrow, but will definitely have product to ship by Thursday..

HUGE props to Jim Lance at Concord Disc Manufacturing and Rick Hively at Media Management, for taking our calls at 6pm on Friday and working all weekend to get the stampers ready and getting us on the presses so quickly. Any software companies out there should call these guys. They rock.
</ul>Thanks to <a href="" TARGET="_new">Wormie</a> for this news.
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