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Bleem wont load

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With the key cd in, I run bleem 1.5b and nothing happens! no error msg, no nothing. Bleem just hangs in the background. The demo (v 1.4) works without a problem. Should I request a new Key cd from Bleem! inc.? or could there be something wrong with my computer?
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Bleem is a lot more stable, and it chooses the correct resolution for the game which is nice, cas its not streched. Also, bleem displays great graphics without having to screw with the gpu options. (and sound)

Dont get me wrong, I love epsxe and the other emulators, but I have a lot of problems with them. In ff8 for example, I cant play any movies unless I start the game over, and play a little of the opening movie, then load the state i was in before. Weird bug huh?

If epsxe was as stable, and had the features I like in bleem, I would pay double the price bleem costs for it..

Well anyways, I reinstalled windows and bleem works fine now, Winsows is gay like that
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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