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bleem!cast saves

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Just wondering if any of the coders/developers out there can possibly create a conversion utility that will convert ePSXe saves to bleem!cast saves. Reason I ask is I just picked up bleem!cast for GT2 and I would like to be able use the saved game from ePSXe rather than having to restart my game. BTW, bleem!cast is very well done, so those that may not have the best PC, but have a DC should check this out for GT2...
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are able to connect your dreamcast to the pc or you were thinking of downloading them from the net?
I was going to download them from the net... I used to have a memory card that I could hookup to my PC, but I got rid of it as it caused some problems w/specific games as it was a 3rd party accessory.
i see....
well if is there anyone capable of doing this i guess that man would be aldo, have you asked him?
No I haven't, I'm not sure how to get a hold of him, plus I thought posting here would mean others would be interested in this, but it appears as though they are not... who knows.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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