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MMMk...After putting up with bleem!'s transparency problems, I try ePSXe, and to my suprise, the 3D looks awesome, but the 2D is just plain TERRIBLE! :eyes: It's so bad, I set sprites to be unfiltered. Ewww! It just plain looks GROSS...bleem! made them perfect and smooth, not bubbly-looking...
bleem! seems to run the CD-swapping just fine...but ePSXe only works with 2 CD swaps, then the game can't detect it's own disk!
I've even tried my normal CD drive AND my burner:(...
I'm running all pete's plugins on a Geforce 2 Pro, an AMD Athlon 700 with 64 megs of RAM running WinME.
...Can anyone help? It seems I always spend more time trying to get them to work than actually playing...
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