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Running 1.6.0 on 64 bit linux (Arch Linux to be exact, using their supplied versions of epsxe and the plugins). 7600gt video card with the nvidia linux driver, it works properly as far as I know (glxgears runs). The emulator starts up okay but whenever I load up any game, ISO or CD, the actual emulator window pops up, but it's black except for a large chunk out of the bottom left side, which is white (as if there's been another window over it that got closed and the rendering hadn't caught up yet). And there's a little orange bar at the bottom of that white space. I haven't seen anything like that before, usually if the rendering is catching up it's just one solid color. I can escape to the main window and Continue the game from the menu just fine, but when I do it just goes back to that blank window with the white and orange on the side.

This happens with every game I try, ISO or actual CD. I'm using the linux port of Pete's OpenGL plugin. Any ideas? For what it's worth, whenever I have a game open, the CPU usage for X (as in, not epsxe itself, but the x windows system) goes way up. I don't know if that means anything.
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