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Blank screen after BIOS on Laptop

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I was trying to repair a laptop at school (Some HP Laptop, can't recall the exact model off the top of my head) today that was going to a blank screen after the BIOS showed, but I can't seem to figure out what is causing it.

The first thing I thought of is that someone hit one of those Fn keys that can turn the screen off, and that wasn't it.

The second thing I thought of was that there was an issue with Window XP's drivers, so I hit F8 when the BIOS screen came up and oddly enough, the boot menu did show up, so I selected safe mode..... blank screen.

Finally I thought that maybe Windows was completely screwed so I tried popping a XP CD in there, but once I hit a key at the "Hit any key to boot from cd' screen, I got... yeah blank screen.

I also tried hooking it up to an external monitor which also got a blank screen.

Any thoughts on anything else I could check?

Gr.. wrong section... could someone move this to the hardware section please?
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Have you tried the hard reset? at least a lot of laptops i worked on have it, like clearing the cmos, take out the battery and/or power plug, and hold the power button 30 seconds. For some reason that fixes a lot of issues:lol:
I took the battery out and unplugged it, but I didn't try holding the power button. I'll try that tomorrow.
I think clearing the cmos is the best bet too.
So removing the battery, unplugging the laptop and holding the power button resets the CMOS in laptops? I've always wondered since the batteries in laptops are generally soldered on.
moving to hardware disc.
Thats exactly how it resets cmos. I think its just called a hard reset because it lets all the power out, from the board etc. starts fresh :p
i call that just discharging the power supply on my desktop, it has fixed some nasty issues on my pc and got it working flawlessly. good luck with the laptop.
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