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n00bslicer said:
i did not read a rule stating that somone has a limit of thier posts?????
um, even though you put a hell of a lot of question marks after that, i'll assume it's a statement. anywho, i know you didnt read that rule, because you never bothered to read the [rules]rules[/rules] at all.

Emuforums is a spam free forum. This includes member posted advertisements, cons, and pyramid schemes. All spam threads will be removed immediately and without prior consultation. For a more detailed definition of what we consider as spam, please see the "What do you mean by "spam?" entry in the faq.
so let's go over to the "what do you mean by spam" entry.

Below is a list of examples of topics that we consider as being spam:

* User posted advertisements
* Scams or cons
* Flaming other members
* Posting for the sole purpose of increasing your postcount
* Multiple posts & threads
* Complaint threads. (Use private messaging if you have a complaint.)
* Incoherent posts.
* "I'm leaving" posts.
eh? do you see it there now?
where did i triple post in this forum?
see the attached picture. and, oh yeah, and did we mention the THREE threads you created about this exact same topic? (two of which i had to close). so you not only made a double and triple post in this thread, you made a triple topic on the boards as well.

and you got upset about it i tryed to be polite about it and you called me sensistive. w/e at least im nice about it or "sensitive" i prefer it as being manners just because alls i see is a stupid little penguin doesnt mean that i dont think your a real person who deserves respect and the same should be true of me.
well, there's a thing out there called "netiquette". well it's very nice of you to make a new post saying you appreciate my help, in the world of emuforums (and other forums too), making an extra post for no reason is, well, unnecessary. on a side note, being nice is not the same as being sensitive, not by a long stretch. but anyway, i'm not going to debate your english skills, for all i know you could be non native English speaker. due to that, i ignore your grammar/spelling mistakes.

read over the posts. we were trying to be helpful and friendly. even when i warned you about being in trouble, i think i said it fairly kindly:

alright, the double and triple posting needs to stop. just say what you need to say in one post, if you screw up, there's always the edit button.
if you still think you're right, and that there has nothing but harm caused against you, and you think we're out to get you, well fine by me. see ya later then :wave:
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