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black screen with street fighter ex3

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i've tried this on all three of my partitions (win 2k, win me, red hat linux) and when i start the CD it brings up a black screen that i have to esc out of.
the bios runs fine (mem card, cd player).
this is the only game i own and it runs fine on ps2.

here is my linux shell output:
[[email protected] epsxe]$ ./start-epsxe.ksh
* Running ePSXe emulator version 1.6.0.
* Memory handlers init.
* ePSXe: PSX BIOS loaded [/home/schneidz/epsxe/bios/scph1001.bin].
* Init internal cdrom ... ok
* First/Last track: 1 1
* Track 1: (DATA) - Start 0: (00,02,00)
* NTSC cdrom detected.
* Init gpu[0][]
* Open gpu[0]
* Init spu[0][]
* Open spu[0]

what else should i post to track the problem?
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update your Peops plugin
nice suggestion. i updated with the sdl version this is the message i get:
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: pthread_create

i have the equivelant version for X. this site told me to stay away from sdl:
are you aware that street fighter ex3 is a ps2 game sir?
ooh i didnt see that. thought it said SF alpha 3 :emb:

just FYI you're not going to get a PS2 game working on a PSX emulator ;)
thanks, i thought sf alpha 3/ zero 3 was a ps2 game also. i assumed epsxe could emulate anything that ran psx hardware (s11, s12, ps1, ps2...) but not quite.

thanks all
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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