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Is this thing on?
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Hi guys, my ePSXe was working fine with the selection of games i had for it, now its suddenly decided to show only a black screen when i run a game.
I ain't too sure about it, however,
according to Need Help with ePSXe? This is your first stop!

All I get is a black screen.

  • 1.7.0 update: Xeven's CDR plugin does not work in ePSXe 1.7.0. Sapu's plugin has an updated version that is compatible. Otherwise, you must use the (new and improved) internal CDR Plugin with subchannel reads enabled.
  • First, make sure you've got everything together. You need a BIOS, plugins (graphics, sound, and CD and pad if you need them), and of course the game you want to play.
  • Look at the console (the DOS window). Are there any errors? What are the errors? Based on that, make adjustments to the plugins you use (i.e. if it has a CD reading error, try a different plugin, different drive, or make an ISO).
  • If you have a copy protected PAL game, you might need to use a PPF patch. Check NGEmu's PPF page for our downloadable database of PPF patches. Alternatively, create an ISO image with subchannel data.
  • Does anything show up when you run the BIOS? (File-->Run BIOS in ePSXe). If so, then you know it's a problem with the game or its compatibility, and not with the emulator's general configuration.
  • Does the game work on a real PSX? If not, then that's your problem; your game just doesn't work.
Note that it applies to the PAL version of FF9, which you might currently have. Please read stickies though, as the solution is already posted. :/

PS: The link for the PPF patch is screwed. Try using this instead.
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