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Intel Q6600 (2.4Ghz 64bit Quad Core Intel Proccessor)
Asus P5Q Pro (Mobo)
ATI 4850 (GFX Card)
Windows Vista 64Bit Premium

I'm not quite sure what the prob is tbh, i'm getting a black screen using the EU bios. Trying to play off the FF9 PAL disk, using Petes GPU OpenGL2 and OpenGL gfx plugins. I cant get it to work :( I've also tryed a couple of different CD plugins (petes couldnt autodetect and said try manual dunno if thats relaevent)

Help plz?

Just saw post below, Bios runs fine so I'm now burning my copy protected disk to a CloneCD file as described (with the funky data subwrite whatevermebob enabled ^_^)
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