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An update finally. :)

  • GUI Improved: add boss key: Alt+`
  • GUI Improved: embeded web view was improved
  • GUI Improved: Task Properity Diaglog can be resized or maxmized now
  • GUI Improved: option to disable the prompt window when adding torrent
  • GUI Improved: enable multi-selection when open torrent files
  • GUI Improved: task list now support sort
  • GUI Improved: add seeding task catelogy
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the copy paste problem in embeded IE
  • GUI Bugfix: never prevent windows from entering suspend mode if the computer is running on batteries (Thanks B. Larg)
  • GUI Bugfix: Save location reset to default upon changing encoding method. (Thanks ericbo)
  • GUI Bugfix: Incorrect time left if more than 24 hours (Thanks u1ookingatme)
  • GUI Bugfix: the max value of half-opened tcp can't be changed to smaller value
  • Core Bugfix: fix a upload selection bug which may affect download speed
  • Core Bugfix: auto stop may not work if enable auto checking after finished
  • Core Bugfix: possiblely fix the tracker download reporting bug happens in TB, etc
  • Core Bugfix: fixed NAT Traversal rate can not be accurately limited
  • Core Bugfix: Can not create directory when change priority for running task (Thanks maxbkk)
  • Core Bugfix: IP rules do not effact in NAT Traversal connections(Thanks tianle)
  • Core Bugfix: add new task waiting queue, close bc, the file priority lost(Thanks hdll)
  • Core Bugfix: Hash Checking queue does not work (Thanks njiayu)
  • Core Bugfix: UDP tracker retry interval keeps to be 10s

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I'm glad they updated. It's really the best of BT clients out there, at least for the time being.
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