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Check out my new site. ;)
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Did you want comments? If not, disregard anything below. :p

From a designer's point of view, I like. It's fast. The design is clean, uncluttered. The navigation is clear. Clicking game screenshots and photo's of your room might not be as obvious to less experienced users. I would have done 1 consistent style for those pictures, as well as something different for the colors of those blocks. The design is sufficient for its purposes, by far, as are the menu and submenu. In fact, there's plenty of room to change the menu's if there ever need be.

My subjective view on the Links page is that I expect to see textual names in addition to pictures, possibly even IN the pictures.

The Profil page's Overview and PC parts lack some sort of a defined canvas that fits with the rest, IMHO. Just so their set places on the page look distinguishable. It kinda looks like they're just floating in there, looking for a place to fit in. It sort of seems unnatural to me.

Overall, I think it's very good. Too bad I suck at giving ratings, huh? :D How many designs did you create before this particular one?
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Tori-Yama said:
Because of the transparent .pngs, theres even the possibility to change the entire background image just by exchanging "background.jpg". Something I figured to be handy for example to display a certain mood or for a announcement purpose (new artworks shown tranperent in the background).
Transparent PNG's eh? I prefer GIF myself because of the majority of IE users out there, but as you've already stated, you have your reasons.

Tori-Yama said:
Thats excatly why I only showed the titel of the links with Alt messages. :) The purpose of this is to arouse the viewsers curiosity, I wanted them to follow as most links as possible.
Damn you for making me waste those precious seconds for rolling over them to see where those links were headed. :D Well, either way works. :) And I second Quatro's comment on the Link page.

Tori-Yama said:
Yeah, I know ;) But more lines would distract the user from the content IMO. Also, the (to be artistic looking) image of myself would appear sort of caged, something I don't want to express. I may use a light color difference in the background for Overview and PC. Need to think about that further.
Colors could work. Otherwise you could try and do something with those small rectangles, connecting them to somewhere, somehow. I would say: experiment, but you probably already know that. :p

Tori-Yama said:
Nah, you don't suck at ratings, not at all. I found it to be very good, thx for the effort. ;-)
Well, I was referring to grading it with a number, from 1 to 10. :) I don't do that, because I suck at it: I often end up being too subjective.

Tori-Yama said:
BTW: What browser do you use? I'm guessing Firefox, could you open the page with IE? GoLive! gave me some bad .pngs there.
I had little time, so I only looked at it with Firefox yes. In IE, it looks like on the attached screens from Popuri, but that's obvious.

Tori-Yama said:
Heres the first design, quite bad, I admit.
Well.. I suppose this would have worked too, but the current design is much better yes. :p
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