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Does anyone know where i can get a BIOS reader? if it does exsits?
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A what? Do you want to dump the bios from your system?
Why would you want to edit the bios..? It wouldn't function correctly.
yes they would. like to change the sounds and backgrounds of course.

Hello? isnt anyone going to help me? i know it is possible, but i need help on where to get it and how to use it.
hi everyone, i'm new here. can somebody say me where i can get the "SCPH10000.BIN" and "ROM1.BIN" files for the PS2 emu? thanks ;)
Excuse me?

Hello? didnt u read the rules? we cannot provide u info on where to get them as they are illigal to do so. and plus, this is a Dreamcast Topic, what do u think this is by the way?
good. do u know anything about the Dreamcast then?
You know, bumping and double/triple/quadruple etc... posting is bit against the rules also. I do not know anything about DS emulation, but i bet it isnt much different how PSX emulators work. Why do you want to change things from bios? Cannot them be changed straight from emulator aswell?
anyway, i find the files a search for, thanks for the help ;)

see ya
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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