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bios replacement

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i dunno much about mobos, so i thought i'd ask for help here. :p

i have a VERY old socket 5 mobo with an amd 100mHz cpu that my sister wanted to use in her room for a word processing machine. unfortunately, it has a very outdated 1994 American Megatrends bios, which doesn't detect the CDROM drive. i was wondering if i can replace this AMI bios, and if i can, what type/kind of bios do i replace it with?

thanks for any help.

Keiichi-san (formerly Shiori :p )
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wut type of board iz it? the manufacturer+chipset?
most of the time they are either etched on the board or marked or printed on a sticker, i think..,:p
you can download it from the board manufacturers page..
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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