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What a BIOS actually is

Squigi63 said:
BIOS is an acronym that stand for Begin in Open State.
I've never heard BIOS standing for that, i work as a Computer technician, and it has always been understood that BIOS stands for "Basic Input/Output System".
What a bios is and does is this:
It is required for most interactive electronics to work, it is a piece of software that runs at the most basic level to allow for the machine to even function.
if your psx or ps2 didnt have a BIOS, or it became damaged, you would just get a blank screen when you turned it on.
You know how on your ps2 you have the browser menu, and the configuration menu..... this is all software included in the bios for "Basic" functioning.
on your ps2 the bios tells the video how to display, it tells the ps2 how to receive and interpret input from the controllers and remote. it is a hardware "Driver", it allows for the Firewire port to work, and it allows the USB ports to work.
your ps2 is actually a computer scaled way down.
you can run an operating system on it ( see the Linux Project for PS2 ), and the BIOS is just a bunary file that loads at boot-time.
your ps2 is basically a motherboard, CPU, video card, sound card, usb port, firewire port, and cd drive. these pieces are all brought together in working order by the bios
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