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mitug said:
ok, i'm not asking for the bios, i just want to know what it is? and y do i need it? what happends if i dont have it, and what happends if i do? what is the difference between the built-in-homemade-PCSX2-BIOS and the BIOS in the original PS2? if i get the BIOS from my PS2 to my PCSX2, will it be better to use it instead of the built-in-homemade-PCSX2-BIOS? if yes, y? if not, y?
please answer me, i know those questions are newby questions, but i am a newby in this.
The BIOS is a piece of software. It is resident inside the PS2 read only memory and it takes the hand when you turn the PS2 on. It looks for any CD'rom or DVD-rom, and when it finds any one it reads the tracks and loads the tracks contents (some game software) into the memory of the PS2. Then this software takes the control of the PS2 and, oh miracle, your awesome game starts.

It is said that the game software needs to call the BIOS when it wants to do some stuff like to read the CD ROM, to get an input from the PAD or to write the video. Most times these are basic input or output stuffs, including any exchange with specific chip inside the PS2 (like the sound chip). This is why the BIOS is called BIOS, which is an acronym for "BASIC INPUT OUTPUT SYSTEM".

Y're welcome :D
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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